1) What is Sportdose?
Sportdose is a daily dose of all sporting news, events, and a handicapping service of three major sports: NFL and NCAA Football, NBA and NCAA Basketball and Major League Baseball. All our information is delivered in a witty, straight to the point form as seen and interpreted by the avid sports fan without journalism limitations. This site is opinionated and does not excuse the content in which it is written in – ‘Guru’s Corner’ and ‘Member's Area’.
2) Why should I use Sportdose?
To increase your chances of winning on a consistent basis while keeping informed on news and information within the sporting world. Our handicapping decisions are derived from statistical and historical software and experience of our handicapping team and we provide all of this with our own Sportdose twist.
3) Who uses Sportdose?
All avid sports fans can and do log onto our site. We offer content that constantly receives positive feedback from our fans, visitors and paying clients. Those who use Sportdose look for a witty and informational site written in a way no other media offers on the internet. Users, who want an edge in crushing their books, subscribe to our handicapping service while all subscribe to our newsletter to receive latest promotions, contests and specific information not always covered on the site.
4) What sports does Sportdose cover?
Sportdose covers all sporting news, events and information within the sports world. We have been known to include content outside the world of sports if we feel it will add utility and humor to our clients. Our handicapping team covers three major sports in football, basketball and baseball allowing them to concentrate their research and efforts ONLY on these sports.
5) When do I use Sportdose?
Sportdose is updated daily and as such, can be viewed 24 hours, seven days a week! Read our take in the 'Guru’s Corner' when you wake up in the morning, discuss our news with other fans and write us an email with your comments and we respond to it in our site. Sportdose creates an environment where we encourage feedback from our visitors. This too sets us apart from other sports sites.
6) What makes Sportdose different?
From the moment you visit our home page, you are presented with a professional site and logical layout. More importantly, we describe the news and events written by our staff in our lingo without fear of how it is presented. Our information is written as it is talked and discussed among avid sports fans just like you without political correctness in mind, but simply the plain truth in a witty and original format. You will never see pre-written standardized software scrolling daily news given in a set format. We actually write our own news and opinions. We realize if you want typical news, you can turn to the numerous sports sites available out there. Finally, we not only give you our handicapping opinion but we elaborate on why we choose the outcome we believe will occur.
7) What can Sportdose do for me?
Sportdose handicapping team will improve your chances of winning on a more consistent basis at a reasonable price. Our insightful information and news in the 'Guru’s Corner' gives you a different outlook and spin on the day’s topics when sports are discussed within your circle of friends. Finally, Sportdose will make you smile.
8) When are picks available?
Picks are always available at least 2 hours prior to kick-off, tip-off, or first pitch of the start of the game.
9) How do I contact Sportdose?
Go to the contact us page and fill out the form provided and click on submit. An E-mail will be sent to Sportdose. Sportdose.com email address is team@sportdose.com