Sportdose grew out of our passion for sports and our continued involvement in the sporting industry for over 23 years. We understand and firmly believe in order to be successful and do anything well, you must love what you do. Our objective is to bring this passion and knowledge to all our clients and provide them with the best information in the business with something we like to refer to as the "Sportdose" lingo.

We at Sportdose take pride in the information we provide and our handicapping team will post their best games each day. We do not engage in fancy rhetoric such as "units" nor do we use a rating system indicating how strongly we feel about a game. We believe all the games we post are solid plays. We leave the amount you want to invest on our picks up to you, because it is your money. We put forth our best efforts and take pride in all our picks ... period. Our goal is to give you winners on a consistent basis at a reasonable price. Building a winning team is our key to success and thus, offering reasonable prices reflect our policy of strength in numbers over gouging. We have built a solid clientele with the understanding that success comes over a period of time. Anyone can have a solid day but in this business success is measured by consistent results over the long haul.

We are able to enjoy our love for sports and because of you we work harder every day. We get satisfaction knowing that many of our clients and visitors enjoy surfing our site, to keep informed or simply read our take with a twist that only Sportdose can produce.